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Our work is a passion to help others

Nonpublic Health Care Establishment SilesiaMED is a resilient company offering all inclusive medical assistance ranging nurse care of individual persons, companies and institutions trusting our experience and our strive for perfecting our medical service. We are quick, reliable, helpful and caring provider of medical services. The knowledge, experience and skills are an important foundation of company’s growth beneficial for patients and society as the whole.

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Care for your needs.

Best long term care

We have been providing a long term care over permanent ill, handicapped and elder people already for 16 years. We have a contract with the National Health Fund, we also cooperate with Centers of Social Assistance, hospitals, clinics and other numerous medical facilities. Recently, our company is in the process of getting the quality system ISO 9001.

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Why should you choose us?

Wide range

Poprawę poczucia bezpieczeństwa i stan zadowolenia pacjenta

While many other senior care rehabilitation centers in the neighborhood tend to offer an expertise in just one or a few of the healthcare fields, our team of senior care pros is proud of being able to offer a full-cycle of the most common healthcare services.

Skilled Staff

Poprawę poczucia bezpieczeństwa i stan zadowolenia pacjenta

Each single doctor or a nurse on our team is a seasoned, caring and a well-rounded expert in his or her respective field of practice. We are always sure that if a patient has come to us for a medical aid and therapy, then the chances of a recovery become much higher!


Poprawę poczucia bezpieczeństwa i stan zadowolenia pacjenta

Our facility has the best equipment for monitoring, diagnostics and life support. Patients who have used the services of our medical facility recommend our care to others.

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