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We provide the highest standards of care

Our staff consists of nurses with rich work experience and qualified caregivers of elder people.

In addition the directorate of our facility motivates all of our workers to participate actively in realizing policy of high quality.

In our strive for perfection we consistently extend our knowledge about human needs through various trainings, courses and lectures organized by specialized medical training centers. The board of directors and all employees are committed to perfect the system of managing the quality and providing better and more suitable services for the patients.

Koła zębate - zdrowie

Our specialists

Our seasoned and skilled team of senior care specialists, therapy and rehab experts and practical nurses will leave no chance for any disease to survive! Their practice proven record shows that more than 95% of all issues are successfully resolved! We’re never afraid to go the extra mile for your health needs!

Mariola Działas

Owner of the SilesiaMED Senior House

lek. med. Kozik Mariusz

Family medicine specialist
Resident of internal diseases

mgr Krzysztof Pokorny


We're hiring new nurses and qualified doctors all year long.

If you want to switch your current position for a work at our clinic