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We invite you for a virtual walk around our 24-hour Elderly Care Home. We hope that photos showing the nice building surrounded by greenery and the modern, but warm and cozy interior of the House will additionally encourage you to reserve a place with your loved one. By using the offer of a luxury Senior Home in Silesia, you can be sure that you work with a team for whom the well-being of the charges is the most important. We believe that the care we surround the Seniors and a cordial, family atmosphere will make them feel as good in SilesiaMED as they would in their own homes.


Placówka Całodobowej opieki SilesiaMED w Brennej informuje, że ze względu na zagrożenie epidemiologiczne nadal obowiązuje całkowity zakaz odwiedzin. Zapraszamy do kontaktu bezpośredniego pod numerem telefonu 882 099 248 czynne całą dobę.