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Care for the Senior – an offer of the Nonpublic Health Care Establishment SilesiaMED

We have created it and continue to create, enriched by further experiences, with a view to a home that we would like to create for our loved ones and in which we would like to live ourselves. To meet the expectations and needs of Seniors and their Families, we offer both short-term and long-term stays for the elderly, the chronically ill and the disabled in our Private Care Home . We also provide home care and nursing services . Our mission is to provide long-term and short-term care for those in need as well as we can, involving all our forces in it.


Long-term care

It’s an offer for people, who because of their age or disabilities or health condition require 24 hours assistance and professional care. This kind of service includes full board, drugs and other nursing means and various help in everyday life.

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Nursing care

Nursing services are provided in the patient's home on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - in medically justified cases Long-term nursing care is care for the chronically ill and bedridden at home who because of existing health problems require intensive and systematic nursing services provided in collaboration with the primary care physician

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We offer reliable assistance

to meet your individual needs

The best care

With us it is different

We know that their well-being depends on the conditions that we create for our pupils.

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We want to

that the Senior Home in Brenna would become their second home, where they feel safe and comfortable.

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Our charges

they are surrounded by basic medical care - we have a contract with the National Health Fund, we also cooperate with hospitals and clinics.

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Wide range

While many other senior care rehabilitation centers in the neighborhood tend to offer an expertise in just one or a few of the healthcare fields, our team of senior care pros is proud of being able to offer a full-cycle of the most common healthcare services.

Skilled Staff

Each single doctor or a nurse on our team is a seasoned, caring and a well-rounded expert in his or her respective field of practice. We are always sure that if a patient has come to us for a medical aid and therapy, then the chances of a recovery become much higher!


Our facility has the best equipment for monitoring, diagnostics and life support. Patients who have used the services of our medical facility recommend our care to others.


Placówka Całodobowej opieki SilesiaMED w Brennej informuje, że ze względu na zagrożenie epidemiologiczne nadal obowiązuje całkowity zakaz odwiedzin. Zapraszamy do kontaktu bezpośredniego pod numerem telefonu 882 099 248 czynne całą dobę.