Long-term care

Dom Seniora SilesiaMED

Long-term care

It’s an offer for people, who because of their age or disabilities or health condition require 24 hours assistance and professional care. This kind of service includes full board, drugs and other nursing means and various help in everyday life.

SilesiaMED has 42 residential places for the seniors.

In our building are located:

  • dining area – located on the ground floor
  • auxiliary kitchen – where residents can prepare a simple meal
  • emergency medical care – there are nursing and medical treatments performed on a medical contract
  • a room for therapy and social rehabilitation with a library point where residents have the opportunity to rest while reading books and the newspapper
  • living room where residents can use the Internet
  • residential rooms where residents rest, watching TV, listening to the radio
  • guest room – intended for families visiting residents
  • ecumenical chapel

We offer:

  • stay in esthetically prepared rooms for 1,2, or 3 people with bathrooms, tv, internet and phone,
  • garden with a marvelous gazebo and trails,
  • 24 hours care by qualified staff,
  • medical assistance by a physician within POZ range, or specialized doctors when needed,
  • 5 meals daily prepared individually for every residend as well as constant access to drinks,
  • organization of free time taking into consideration the abilities and needs of our residents. Organizing holidays and celebrations such as the day of a senior, day of a grandmother , day of a grandfather or birthdays,
  • Religious service according to the faith

Moreover the facility is equipped with monitoring on hallways and the surroundings of the buidilng for the safety of our residents and we provide our workers with a company’s car

Assistive services for residents:

  • the opportunity to participate in occupational therapy consisting of art therapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy, ergotherapy, table games
  • rehabilitation consisting of exercises: passive, active-passive, assisted, stress-relief, massage
  • improving the physical fitness of the inhabitants
  • stimulating, establishing, maintaining and developing relationships with family and the environment
  • Ensure safe storage of cash and valuables


Activation of our home is a very important task. It aims to develop interests, skills and mobilization for active leisure. Based on the experience gained, we introduce new and more diversified offers tailored to their needs and capabilities.